Vim - On distraction and destruction

Let's talk about text.
Text writing, text transforming and text navigating.

With vim you not only get the possibility to execute those tasks, likewise provided by many many other tools, but it's designed so you can do it with near speed of thought.

Before talking next time about how vim allows this, let's get the question why speed even matters out of the way.

Your brain is the fountain of creativity. Thoughts, insights and ideas are manifestations of it. They can be fragile and slip through the cracks and every moment the next thought is already in the pipeline, battling for your precious attention. Besides coming and going at different levels of awareness, they morph too.

And that is why I think speed matters. An ideal system would be interactionless. Thinking becomes synonymous with creating. No time passed, means no time wasted and no distraction disrupts.

The thought how it was meant to be simply creates.