Hi! That head above is me, Richard.

Connoisseur de URLs
benevolent creator of this personal home page. Trollable at twttr.

I have to warn you. You see that black line with the flames down below? After that line things could get plain boring, not funny, unconventional, controversial, unrespectful and did I mention boring.

If by any way this is already making you feel uncomfortable. Don't worry! I created a safe and fast way out of here for you. Just hyper jump into the ambient Trigger-Free-Safe-Space-Exit-Room where your faith in humanity gets restored.

Anything I say may be used against you.
You are hereby warned.
You shall not pass.
Hide your kids.
Dragons ahead.
There is no return. (I sabotaged the back button)
Trigger Warning.
Fly, you fools!

Welcome to the other side {tripple_click_here} you idiot! HEHEHE
Told you so.
Ok, I'm sorry.
And I'm ready to apologize for my behavior now. Out of respect for the indigenous people of the web I will say it in their native language of javascript.


about me

Born in an Eastern Bloc state, raised and educated in Germany and now working and living in Austria. I got my first computer very late. It must have been around 2005. A friend of mine build it with me from old parts some of which we found at the local recycling depot. To this day I am not quite sure if I have to thank this friend or hate him for introducing me to the computing world. I was hooked right away. Since then hardly a day goes by where I'm not sitting in front of a laptop. I'm interested in topics like vim, command-line, bitcoin, unix, prototyping, web, security, consciousness, religion, cults, history, social change, popculture and freedom. If the weather is nice I have a strong urge to go outside. I like to spend the day trail running, hiking, mountain biking, on my slackline, swimming, skating, longboarding, playing basketball, ski mountaineering, snowshoeing, climbing or even golfing. After the sunset you can find me in front of a screen where I crawl the internet or work on fun projects. Sometimes the code makes it to my github profile. One score at my personality test put me on at the 94th percentile for intellect (which has nothing to to with intelligence). I'm drawn to ideas and I like discussions about them that's why I love listening to podcasts and youtubes.

TLDR; likes ideas, opinions, sports, mountains, simplicity & freedom.

views on topics

Of course my statements are inconsistent over time. As time goes on I read and learn more, I get my facts straight, my moral values change, I make new experiences and science evolves. There are many ways how and why I would reconsider my opinion on a topic. You think I got something wrong, don't hesitate to debate, persuade or even try to educate me but don't expect me to not push back.

some projects (oldest to newest)

tx is how I manage my finances.

restkiwi a REST key value store.

dns-rebind-tool for more information look here.

jobs a portal to find jobs in my area. Provides RSS feeds.

social app to send others signals.

ranking site a generic website for live ranking/voting.

hudel a non threaded post/commenting app with public and private discussions. (not moderated!)

hudelmore mondernized rewrite of hudel with voting system. (not moderated!)

preisfuchs all current products of billa interspar (austrian supermarkets) and with prices.

imkino shows movies currently screening in cineplexx theaters.

liveshell stream your shell in realtime to an url you can share.

fragenapp a very simple webapp to ask yes/no questions. (not moderated!)

cards customized cards for every link you tweet.

localhorst local, private in your browser living websites

httplog shows all http requests made to that domain in realtime

WIL: koa middleware, nodejs stream PassThrough.
TS: ctx.body = stream did not work. request canceling killed the stream too. Solved by creating two streams. A global one and local in /stream context -> globalStream.pipe(localStream)

chargeville an overview of mobile devices battery status

WIL: first look into babel transpiling and polyfills. Service workers, web push api. Using mixins in pugjs. every time I get better at sql joining. TS: working with different android systems, web browsers is hard when using recent apis. Replacing a html node not that straight forward.

peepmore communal retweet incentivization

WIL: work with twitter oauth & api. koa-sessions TS: design, not sure how to include tweets on your own.

timetrack chrome extension that tracks time spent on websites

WIL: making chrome extension with message passing between popup,background,content.
Looked deeper into indexeddb but decided to go with dexie.js a wrapper. TS: indexeddb, chrome extension states order of events bad!

Profiling Jodel™ users with image (meta)data

pushmore bits of text from device 2 device

WIL: queue tasks with only one timer see duequeue
share target api, web push api and notification api. TS: duequeue took a bit of time to figure out.

2019-02-26 pushurl gives you an url you can call to send push notifications to your device.

WIL: notification api is experimental... TS: Some devices do show and then do not show notifications when android chrome is in background.

2019-07-28 screenrecord with the browsers screen capture api and share via webrtc

WIL: worked with webrtc, setup own turn/stun, created simple signaling service

2020-04-14 browscli POC to inject js from terminal cli into browser website

WIL: cross browser extension, web extensions api, contexts

2020-12-27 What is {x:1} and why does it return 1

2022-09-31 intigriti writeups

2022-10-05 thawkrs twitter search build for optimal engagement

2022-11-17 immersive text chat experiment

2023-04-01 GPT prompt injection to get access to secret key

2023-04-20 GPT script use GPT like a "scripting" language

2023-06-01 inflation at austrian supermarkets in the last years

2023-07-03 tgpt tells you what GPT thinks of you based on who you follow on twitter

other bits

pixelrace trivial muliplayer game

google redirect make sure no one replaced your default search engine in your browser. It's hard to catch.

echo returns json/jsonp/html payloads

sleep-3 sleep-x.43z.one is a subdomain that sleeps for x seconds before returning

status-504 status-x.43z.one is a subdomain that returns http status code x

edit tiny codepen/jsfiddle editor. See below.
<body style=white-space:pre id=b contenteditable spellcheck=false
<iframe id=i style=position:fixed;width:50%;height:100%;right:0;top:-2>

donthackme gets you into a docker container via ssh that will self destruct after 10 seconds. Web page shows session recordings.

IP just shows your ip.

j a journal program that does all I need.

cookiepage lives inside a cookie

google suggestion logger more info here

note edit and take notes. Stored in localstorage

injecter creates an url that embeds base64 encoded javascript/html in get parameters. If such url is surfed to, it renders them.

editor for html/js/css lightweight alternative to codepen/jsfiddle.

redirect.43z.one?to=tel:555 302 to anything provided in get param "to"

ipconverter gives you different variants of the same ip

zerowidth just a zerowidth that can be copied

signal simple websocket server usable for signaling. Every message gets broadcasted to other clients connected to roomID wss://signal.43z.one?id=${roomID}

makealist out of a text by mouse selection

redact selected text with tiny bit of js

ctf challenges to solve.

deepunquote a twitter bot that makes quoted conversations readable see here

mark text with hidden unicode characters

vimsteps thoughts about vim

script running via curl and browser. Parameters are passed by request path.

corona some local/regional stats about COVID-19 cases. Spreading panic way before it was cool.

jLink Links for Jodel™ App


httpx a tool that allows you to chose the response code and provide response headeres via get parameters.

urlbar extension. Why tiny if URL bar can be BIG!

dwitter js unicode generator that uses some clever hacks to either compress or make code invisible.

jkscroll firefox extension to scroll with j & k and a little bit more.

windows dragging glitch

dreams analyzed by C. Jung (text-davinci-003)

vtip get better at vim one tip at a time